1. Compile comprehensive list of competitors
    • Food & Beverage Industry
    • Fitness Industry
    • Hospitality & Tourism Industry
  2. Look into possible suppliers
    • Laser Tag
    • Rides
    • Farm
  3. Start list of cunsultants/partners needed
  4. Create list of quotes needed
  5. Make samples for display in campaign
    • Environment/set
    • Creature sculpt
  6. Rough design of laser-tag obstacle course
  7. Determine location requirements

Quotes Needed:

Land Survey with Lines Cut
Driveway/Road Installed
Well & Septic
Goats & Pigs, including Pens & Barns
Land Clearing
Stump & Boulder Removal
Winery Building
Winery Equipment
Trees & Vines
Wine Ingredients
Laser Tag Equipment
Computers & Software
3D Printer
Laser Cutter
CNC Machine
Balls for Ball Pit
Commercial Space Rent