A list of things I'd like to create. I probably will never get around to most of them.

Men in Pink Stories

Well, this could be considered a Work in Progress, but really these are separate stories and therefore only ideas at the moment.

High Seas High School of High Sorcery

This wasn't entirely my idea. A former co-worker I am following on Instagram had been reading Harry Potter for the first time which resulting in me actually paying attention to her "stories" as she was talking about her thoughts in the little video clips. She mentioned a strange dream, crossing Harry Potter with the Titanic (1998 movie), later describing it as Hogwarts on the Titanic.

I couldn't help but associate that with a show my sister used to watch, Breaker High, about a High School which was a cruise ship, so they sailed around the world. Just make it a school of magic, and suddenly there is a (potentially) new idea!

Fantasy Fulfillment Incorporated

Taking inspiration from an old TV show called Fantasy Island (of which I'm more familiar with the 90's reboot), I was thinking of writing about a company that allows people to live out their fantasies for a fee.

It's getting lumped into the Men in Pink universe because I didn't want to write it Science Fiction and it doesn't make sense as something mundane and contemporary.

Bard Battles

If you cross the "Amp VS Amp" scene from Scott Pilgrim vs the World and any of several anime series (Ones like Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, etc), you get what I have in mind here. I touch on the possibilities in a scene of what supposed to be the third book of a trilogy starting with "An Unexpected Journey to the Castle Unknown", but I want to make something much greater with it.

Another one that could have been separate, Science Fiction instead of Fantasy, but it fits in the Men in Pink universe and helps flesh out the world a bit.

Alexander Explores a New World

In "A Weekend at the Stansons", Abigail's brother, Alexander, mentions he will be part of an upcoming expedition. There is even a goodbye-scene where he walks through a portal and something goes wrong. Naturally I am compelled to actually follow up on that!

The Labyrinth of Yelzaed

Six average Canadians with no other connection wake up in a strange room wearing spandex body suits. On the only door to the room is engraved "The path to your greatest desires lies through these doors."

Untitled Undercover Journalist Fiction

So this idea is for a novel that ventures into a genre I don't usually read or write. It's told from the perspective of a female journalist who goes undercover, joining a cult to get the story.

Okay, so it's actually doubly out of my genre: It's a "sex cult". The whole idea hinged on the idea of someone hypnotizing women to orgasm on command, which led me to look into hypnosis. I've actually learned a bit, but have only hypnotized myself so far -- and that was only to enable relaxation.

More research is needed. Possibly involving volunteers to be hypnosis guinea pigs.

Bath Interrupted Painting

I had an idea while in the bathroom a few days ago, and it hasn't faded. A painting, probably in the 24x36 size range, of a surprised woman standing in one of those old-fashioned wash basins. It takes things a little further than pin-up style, I think, but I've never been good with things like genres. I sketched it out in Photoshop this morning and gave it some flat colours.

I probably should have used reference. I didn't feel like it for just a concept sketch, though. For the real painting, I'd like to either have someone stand for the whole painting or for a photograph I can work from. I know someone who would be perfect reference for what I'm picturing, but it's not a subject I'd ever broach with her. It would probably be weird to use her face, anyway.

I do know someone who probably knows several people comfortable with this sort of thing, though probably none shaped quite how I'm wanting. They're also most likely accustomed to getting paid for doing these things. If I were to ask him for help finding a model and then pay the model, I might as well just commision the work from him -- he's better at it than me!