Drunken Dragon Winery

For an assigned presentation in Communications, we were to do 3-5min on any topic of our choice. So here are my slides with some words between them.

At first I had trouble picking a topic. There is just too much going on in my head.

Most of my ideas were eliminated for ... reasons. Then I thought to myself "how many times have you given the Drunken Dragon spiel?".

So here is the logo for the Drunken Dragon Winery, which I had a business plan for and the name reserved, but didn't go ahead with because I couldn't secure enough funding to make it through to when I could actually be selling wine. Spending $99000 in the eighteen months before you have wine ready to sell will do that.

The name was also hit or miss with most people. Some loved it, some not so much. I picked it because I've spent a lot of time immersed in various fantasy settings over the years, and if I was starting a business I wanted to carry that through.

Then I saw a post from Sober Island Brewery changing the name of one of their products from "Beth's Blackout" to "Beth's Black" in order to get it on the shelves of the NSLC. Something about conforming with a promotion of responsible consumption policy, I can't remember, it was a year or two ago now.

So I changed my mind and the company name is now the Deazley Beverage Company. Sure, the project is on the back-burner until I can afford to actually do it. That doesn't mean I'm not still picking away at my plan!

I like to say "When Life gave me lemons, I made wine" because when I found myself single, unemployed, and living with my parents an hour from the city, I started helping my father with his homemade wines. I made a joke about making a lemon wine -- then found out that such a thing actually can be done, so I tried it. I loved it. So did a lot of people. I wanted it to be in stores. For that to happen, I needed to open a Commercial Fruit Winery. This eventually led me to be taking the Cool Climate Wine and Viticulture program at NSCC Kingstec.

Part of the reason for the more generic "Beverage Company" instead of "Winery" is that I was experimenting with Ginger Beer and Kombucha, which aren't even alcoholic. I was also looking to find more for the family members interested in being involved to do. They want to brew beer and distill some rum and whisky. Why not do it all under one roof?

This idea has gotten quite a bit larger, too. I want to grow my own ingredients so that I can call all the wines produced Nova Scotia wines. I want to add a brewery and distillery. So I need vineyards, orchards, hopyards, greenhouses, and other crop gardens.

Here is a list of all the wines I've worked on since 2015. Most of them were even my own idea. The Blueberry and Rhubarb I just helped my father with. I figured out how to make the Pinebarb when my parents liked a jar of pineapple-rhubarb jam they were given and decided it would make a good wine.

I blended the Blueberry with the Lemon A and decided on a Blue Lemon, but mixed them in the same primary and brewed them together instead of blending them. When my father had labels made up, he shortened it to "Blu Mon", and a friend dubbed it "Blue Monday". There was an unfortunate second fermentation in the bottle. People love the fizz, though, so maybe it was fortunate. If I do it on purpose in the future, I'll be sure to bottle it appropriately.

Gingercide actually tied for third in the first annual Bulwark Cider & Noble Grape Harvest Cider Competition. They picked the other cider to go to the finals, though.

The Ginger Mead (or maybe it's a Methyglin or Melomel?) is beautiful (though burned a bit when first bottled) and would be a strong product if I could find affordable ingredient sources.

I started mocking up some labels before the name change.

I wanted to be located between Musquodoboit Harbour and Sheet Harbour, on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia, preferable in Ship Harbour. There is currently a property for sale, 210 acres of south-facing slope for $84900 at the head of Ship Harbour. I think it could work!

Some thoughts on Tourism: the proposed location is surrounded by wilderness, so I figure playing to that would be wise. A half-timbered (or Tudor style) Inn (possibly allowing me to retain the name Drunken Dragon somewhere) could serve as a home base for people looking to do some adventuring. By "adventuring" I mean hiking, kayaking, SUPing, and more.

Continuing in that vein, I figured the many granite boulders of the location could be rearranged (and cut) to form a castle named "Chateau de Azeley" (Deazley was originally DeAzeley) which could have a great hall for events like weddings, family reunions, and converences.

A vague flow chart of the current plan for bringing this to fruition.

I can't exactly manage this by myself, so I started a list of people I need to recruit. It's hardly complete.