Cool Climate Wine and Viticulture

I am currently enrolled in the Cool Climate Wine and Viticulture program at NSCC Kingstec. I'm not going to share everything, but I'm hoping to keep the important parts organized here.

The four courses (there is also a fifth, Communications) of first semester are:


We learn about grape vines, especially anything important to making them grow.

Vineyard Planning

In this course we learn about the vineyard. Soil preparation, variety selection, planting, trellis installation, and training systems.

The big project was to pick a real location and plan a vineyard. Given that we didn't necessarily have the resources to get a real soil test just for this project, we used random ones our instructor dug up. I didn't include mine in the page linked above.


Here we're learning how to use equipment like pumps and filters, how to make wine, how to blend and stabilize, sanitation, and some labwork like Titratible Acidity and Free Sulfur.


We're learning about the industry in general (mostly specific to Nova Scotia), it's governing bodies, and tourism & marketing.